How We Can Help You

Custom Neon Signs: Have a look at our Custom Neon Signs page to tailor design your very own Neon flex sign. This time, you can be the artist but we will still do the heavy lifting of producing the art! Simply choose your text, font, colour and sizing among other options and receive a price on the spot! If you're looking for a way to bring more flair to your space, a custom neon sign with a quote or your name could be the perfect addition... it would even make for a great birthday present for a friend, (Just an idea).

Outdoor: We offer outdoor signs that are IP67 Waterproof, so whether the sign is exposed to the hot sun, harsh rain or aggressive wind... these Leon Neon Flex signs are made to be durable and survive! Our LED Neon flex signs are prototypical for a business that want's to enhance it's outdoor space and catch the eye of passers by- the colourful, creative and exuberant signs will be the standout and point of difference you need!
It's not just businesses that can benefit, if your outdoor area is needing some added fun and flair for dinner parties, then this option will be perfect for you!
Indoor: We have indoor signs to bring some extra light into your space! This modern artwork has become a replacement and substitute for other forms of indoor art such as pictures and canvases. Our indoor signs are tailored towards your specifications, and you can choose from a range of colours.

Logos: Upload your very own logo and we use the outlines to transform it into a stunning piece of illuminating art. The sign can be matched with a coloured backboard and can be suitable for indoor or outdoor usage. Whether it's your favourite sports team, your business logo or a pop culture logo... It'll always look incredible in the form of an effervescent Neon Flex design!

Shop: Feel free to check out our line of designs from the shop! You can browse through products across pop culture, sport, quotes, music, party, home decor and more. No need to stress through the design, as we already have this covered! However, you can still customise this through the size and various colour options are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

LED Neon flex is a flexible lighting product that imitates the look of traditional neon lighting but is much more cost effective, energy efficient and versatile in terms of shape and design. It is made from a flexible PVC housing that contains a series of miniature led lights, the lights are covered by a diffuser which creates a uniform smooth illumination lasting for years to come.
We are an Australian based company working out of Melbourne! Our signs are manufactured either here in Australia or China depending on the requirements for each sign. We have a team of designers mainly based in Melbourne but for our more creative designs we work with artists in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
This is our cut to shape acrylic backboard, this is the most popular backboard we use! We advise you to use this for our fancy and double line font range.

This is our cut to letter acrylic backboard. This type of acrylic back board isn’t as strong as the others because as you can see it is cut very close to the lettering, so we advise you to use our wall mounting kit which we supply with our Neon LED signs.

Finally, this is your square acrylic backboard! This is the strongest of the three but for the ultimate LED sign effect the LED lights bounce back off this backboard so much MORE!

The LED signs can come with a square acrylic stand for your Neon sign as well. These are simple to remove if you would like to use our wall mounting kit to hang your custom neon sign up.

This is our open box which can be wall mounted but it is also free standing. This sort of stand has been in demand especially with DJ’s recently.

We also offer a ceiling mount Kit for window frontage.
Our custom word neon sign creator is brilliant for creating name and word signs. All you have to do is head to our home page on and start bringing your ideas to life!

If you are looking to get a business/logo or even a piece of neon artwork we would love to help you. Just head to the business logo page on to submit your idea so we can light up your life with led neon lights.
UV printing is a high-quality printing process that uses ultraviolet light to cure ink on to a surface. This is used for our most creative/detailed designs which we recommend for our more intricate pieces. Send us your ideas and we can create every bit of detail that you desire.

All our signs include a microfiber cloth that can be used to clean your LED neon sign. By dampening the cloth and using small circular motions it can eliminate dust, fingerprints and the most stubborn marks! Any other marks that you are struggling to get rid of please contact us for more assistance.
At The Neon Factory we offer led neon signs that have a IP67 waterproof rating which gives them the durability for the outdoors! IP67 water rating means your outdoor sign can with stand temporary immersion in water of up to 1 meter for about 30 minutes! This doesn’t mean you can dunk your sign in the water, but it is perfect for rainy weather! On our custom neon sign designer please choose the option for IP67 waterproofing if you wish to have an outdoor sign.

On our custom neon sign designer page there are 6 different sizes of signs to pick from! We offer extra small which is the smallest size which we can offer due to how we make the signs. We also offer small, medium, large, extra-large and supersize signs! Supersize isn’t the largest sign we have to offer. Just send us over the measurements so our design team can get back to you with a quote.
Our free dimmers and remote come with every led neon sign you purchase! This gives you the option to adjust the brightness of your sign, you can make it dim or bright or even turn it off. This allows you to also adjust the brightness when taking pictures of your LED neon sign. If you misplace the dimmer or remote you have the option to buy it separately off our website.

Please position the dimmer close to the receiver when adjusting the settings.
Yes, we ship all of our products worldwide.