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Turn Your Image into a Custom Neon Sign

Have a business logo, a favourite sports team, a memorable movie quote or an artistic design you really love? Get it lit up in LED Neon Flex!

Our upload your own image function allows for the possibilities to be endless, we can take your inspiration and turn it into lit up neon art for your favourite space!

No matter the design, our team will be capable of bringing it to life! So simply upload an image of the design and we can turn this into a reality with a Neon Sign catered towards your liking.

Send us your photos and ideas- no matter how small, how big, how wacky, how colourful or how ambitious they are, an experienced designer from The Neon Factory will work in consultation with you to achieve the creation of your liking!

Our Process

When filling out our form, please follow the prompts, upload the best image you have and include any additional information that will help us understand the requirements.

Once completed, our team will reach out to you for the next steps and pricing to have your very own design brought to life in stunning Neon Art!


We always ensure our customers receive a fair and just service, so it's only right you can see the sign before you buy! Once you submit your design, our team will provide a mock up design for your approval. If you want to make alterations or have a change of heart, then that's OK!

We kindly request that you be mindful of the following policy: once your approval is granted and the Neon Sign enters the production stage, we regret to inform you that we will be unable to offer a refund.
Customers who would like their very own custom neon sign can feel free to fill out our form and test out our capabilities of what's possible! Regardless, no mater what you upload, our team at The Neon Factory will reach out to you to clarify the project and give you as much information as we can on how the design will look.
This will depend on various factors- such as the sizing of the neon sign you choose, the number of characters, the spacing and the amount of lines in the design. Please answer the budget question within the form so we can inform you whether we can complete this neon sign within your desired price range.
The great thing about Neon Signs that they can be used just about anywhere in any context! Many Businesses choose to have their logo brought to life in a Neon Sign to add a layer of professionalism and fun. For your room at home, you could have your favourite sports team or most memorable movie quote take place of Pride. If your a content creator and need a new flick for Instagram to turn heads, a Neon sign will do that! Or maybe you have a wedding planned and you would like a point of difference for decorations... Neon signs will work for that too!

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